The Devil on Her Tongue

The Devil on Her Tongue
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Linda Holeman.

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A spellbinding story of loss, romance and betrayal set in 18th-century Portugal, from internationally bestselling Canadian historical fiction author Linda Holeman. Diamantina is 13 when her father, a Dutch sailor who washed up on the Portuguese island of Porto Santo, abandons her and her African-born mother and sets off for the New World.

Unbaptized, tainted by her mother's witchcraft and her foreign blood, the girl is an outcast who seems doomed in her struggle to survive. Diamantina refuses to accept her destiny and vows to escape her circumstances and forge a life of her own, no matter the cost.

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I enjoyed learning about Portugal and the Madeira Archipelago and the islands. A Mother's Secret. This book was exciting in most parts but there were parts I was quite bored if I am honest. If a novel is unintelligently written, predictable, or lacking accurate historical insights within its story, I am quick to cast it aside. Lists with This Book.

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The Devil & The Universe ► Kali's Tongue

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Book a Average Rating:. Rate this:. Diamantina, alone after the death of her mother, enters a marriage of convenience with Bonifacio, a defrocked priest, in order to escape from her home of Porto Santo in the Madeira archipelago. But at his father's vineyard on the main island of Madeira, she finds herself even more trapped.

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