Professors and Their Politics

Political views of American academics
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It is a problem not only in academics but politics as well. In addition to political orientation, the survey asked professors for their opinions on a number of policy and social issues.

Professors and Politics: What the Research Says

While there is strong support for abortion and gay rights, there is a split of opinion concerning affirmative action. The numbers show that a slight majority of professors support affirmative action with 11 percent strongly favoring it and There are various theories that address why there is a lack of diversity in political opinions of professors on college campuses. One theory is that academic careers are more attractive to people who are uninterested in the world of markets and profits.

We do not have the same kind of stake in the economy.

We are thinking of the rest of the population. We are interested in the way in which ideas originate, develop and transform. Published in NEWS. Liberal students, the authors conjecture, fare better in the qualitative work prioritized in higher education, especially in the humanities.

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Over the phone, Woessner stresses that, in the end, he and his co-authors had "to engage in speculation, trying to map our possible explanation ranging from discrimination to skills to interests. Meanwhile, right-wing media outlets with a perennial grudge against professors have made the curious choice to report on this study as evidence of professorial bias. These reporters must not have read to the end of the paper, where the authors write: "[Our] results do not paint a picture of conservative students under siege. They remain largely satisfied with their college education, and perform nearly as well as, if not better than, their liberal counterparts.

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Home Ideas Politics. Their research suggested that academics tend to form their views on politics early in life and tend to have certain characteristics aside from being academics that are associated with political liberalism. Click OK to close the Internet Options popup. Liberal students, the authors conjecture, fare better in the qualitative work prioritized in higher education, especially in the humanities. John Kerry in which the incumbent was ridiculed by many campus activists.

It's time to shift the social contract of education away from short-term job training toward long-term development. And free college has to be part of that shift. American conservatives keep attacking left-wing academics for what the right wing is actually doing.

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Like many U. Amherst's "Common Language Guide" set off a conservative media firestorm, pitting free speech against equality.

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Professors and Their Politics tackles the assumption that universities are ivory towers of radicalism with the potential to corrupt conservative youth. Neil Gross. Editorial Reviews. Review. "The editors and authors of this book are well established; together they have illuminated many aspects of this increasingly timely.

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