Mystique (Bantam Books Historical Romance)

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My copy continues for another pages, which a skim shows covers her second lover and then second husband in three more parts. My official take on this novel is that it would almost be better categorized as historic science fiction. That may sound far-fetched, but main plot really hinges around the conflict of the medieval church and the modern science.

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The answer seems self-evident to me science all the way! Should we let ourselves be ruled by science, or the church? The Comte, during his trial, answers questions about his Court of Love:. Alas, gentlemen, I fear I shall much disappoint you. I have no magic formula.

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What I teach is human wisdom. Thus, Monsieur le President, when as a young clerk you first set foot in these solemn precincts, did you not think it natural to instruct yourself in all that might some day enable you to reach the position that you occupy today? You would have considered it mad to mount the bench and start to speak without a prolonged study of your case. For many years to you took care to avoid all the obstacles that might rise in your path.

Why should we not bring the same care to matters of love? So, like law school, but for love, which is a nice idea and could certainly be propagated widely. The immense success of her romance novels has helped her win the Susan Koppelman Award for the Feminist Studies.

Mystique (Bantam Books Historical Romance)

During initial 10 years of her life, she was brought up by her mother named Alberta in Borrego Springs, along with her two brothers. A in the subject of History in the year Amanda was fearful that she will not be able to find a satisfying job with her degree, and therefore, she decided to pursue a graduate degree in the subject of Library Science from the San Jose State University. Just after completing her graduation, Amanda married an engineer named Frank Krentz. The two had met each other for the first time while studying at the San Jose University.

After that, she shifted to the Virgin Islands along with her husband and began working in elementary school as a librarian. However, left the job after a period of only one year because she thought that the period was as an unmitigated disaster for her career. Amanda realized that being a librarian at an elementary school, she was also required to get into teaching, which she did not like.

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Therefore, she left the job even though she liked being a librarian and decided to move a level higher with the academia. Eventually, author Quick joined the library system of the Duke University. A while later, she moved to Seattle in Washington along with her husband. While working in the libraries, author Quick was quite generous and often shared her wealth. Amanda has also distributed money to as many as 15 elementary schools in Seattle, for enhancing their library budgets. It was while working at the Duke University that Amanda developed an interest in writing stories.

She says that she kept writing continuously for a period of 6 years and faced rejections in all her attempts to get her stories published. But, Amanda kept on trying and eventually became one of the noteworthy authors of the romance novels. It consists of a total of 4 novels published between the years and The plot of this novel deals with the central characters named Beatrice Poole and Leo Drake. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Leo Drake is introduced as a notorious and eccentric man. People also knew him as an expert of antiquities. Hearing about his expertise, Beatrice Poole demanded his assistance, to which he seemed quite reluctant.

She is introduced as a freethinking author and is looking for the famous antiquities of the Forbidden Rings of the Aphrodite. Beatrice believed that this mystic treasure was responsible was the death of her uncle. She sees a fascinating hero of one of her novels in Leo Drake and seems pretty convinced that he is the only one who could help her to find the treasure.

However, by spending just 5 minutes with Beatrice Poole, Leo becomes sure that he has never seen a woman as infuriating as she was. Their alliance also seems to be dangerous for their own lives because a villain is keeping a close look at their activities in London.

He seems to be waiting for them to find the Forbidden Rings, after which he will kill them. It was released by the Bantam Books publishing house in the year The plot of this novel revolves around the lives of the main characters named Edison Stokes and Emma Grayson.

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In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that earning a living by being the companion of a lady with an original mind and a sharp tongue is not easy. Due to this reason, Emma Greyson had to change 3 different jobs in 6 months. She also seems quite bored with her current job at a country house party.

But, an unusual encounter with Edison Stokes helps her to become his assistant. Stokes is on a mission to catch a thief who has robbed an ancient book.

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He also suspects that the thief is present as one of the guests of the house party and looking for a woman like Emma to test an elixir. Working secretly for Edison Stokes brings chilling danger and unexpected passion in the life of Emma Grayson. She goes on to realize the awful truth of her job after she comes across a murder. By: Tosca Reno. By: National Geographic. By: Miles Kelly Publishing.

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Mystique (Bantam Books Historical Romance) [Amanda Quick] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A tantalizing tale of a legendary knight. Mystique (Bantam Books Historical Romance) () by Amanda Quick and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible.

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