Mozambique: The Tortuous Road to Democracy

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There have been no verified public statements or claims of credit for attacks.

Mozambique: The Tortuous Road to Democracy

Although Muslims are a religious minority in Mozambique, they are in the majority in Cabo Delgado. Not everyone is convinced that this new Mozambican group is the next al-Shabab or Boko Haram, however.

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Palgrave Macmillan Share full text access. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Other Editions 1. Consequently there is little interest in summarizing the events here. Marcelino dos Santos left for France in to continue his studies, but then changed to political science.

What are their objectives? What extremist ideology is at play? But their motivation remains unclear, and claims of links to international terror organisations are made without factual verification.

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Some of the only first-hand reporting and research in the area was conducted by two academics and a Muslim cleric, who presented their findings in Maputo last month. For many of these young people, the group also represents an opportunity to challenge local authorities, an opportunity to build a new social and political order. There is a religious element to it, which is that Islam gives it a spine for anti-establishment protests.

Cabo Delgado is at the centre of another major Mozambican story: the discovery of vast quantities of natural gas, which several major multinationals are in the process of exploiting.

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The find has already had a fundamental impact on Mozambican politics: using the gas reserves as collateral, government entities took on several billion dollars in undeclared loans for bizarre projects such as a fleet of tuna fishing boats. The money has mostly disappeared. But production is only due to begin in at the earliest and, even then, what the debt scandal has taught ordinary Mozambicans is that they are unlikely to benefit.

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This perception is keenly felt in Cabo Delgado, where billions of dollars is being spent by multinational oil companies to build drilling platforms, but little of this trickles down to local communities. Could the discovery of natural gas in the region have anything to do with the nascent Islamist insurgency? I find it strange that they only manifest now when they have been present all along.

These tactics risk making a volatile situation even worse. Blackwater was repeatedly implicated in serious human rights violations in Iraq, where it worked for the US government. Using companies with different names, Prince has signed a deal to partner with Ematum, the state-owned entity implicated in the tuna fishing debt scandal.

A Brief History of Democracy in Africa

Northern Mozambique is a powder keg. Whatever is behind the conflict in the area, there is no doubt that it is a toxic mix. The combination of radical Islamists, American mercenaries, brutal armed groups and trigger-happy soldiers is one we have seen before, in Iraq and Afghanistan and Somalia and Libya, with devastating consequences. But before anyone can begin to grapple with the problems, they need to understand the nature of the threat.

So far, the rumours far outweigh the research.

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Until then, the Islamist insurgency in northern Mozambique raises more questions than answers. Create Account Lost Your Password?

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Mozambique: The Tortuous Road to Democracy

Joaquim Nhamirre Comments. Read more from Simon Allison simonallison. Analysis Ruth Murambadoro Mugabe and the tradition to not speak ill of the dead. What is the proper way for young Zimbabweans to remember Robert Mugabe's legacy?

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About this book Mozambique's civil war was inevitable given the tradition of conflict that has always characterized Frelimo, first as an independence movement, and then as a ruling party. Show all. Show next xx.

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