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While iron has a BCC structure at room temperature and cobalt a HCP structure at room temperature, both iron- and cobalt-based superalloys are so highly alloyed that they have an austenitic y FCC structure at room temperature. Therefore, the superalloys display many of the fabrication advantages of the FCC structure. Nickel and iron-nickel based superalloys are strengthened by a combination of solid solution hardening, precipitation hardening and the presence of carbides at the grain boundaries. Aluminum and titanium, in addition to being potent solid solution hardeners, are also precipitation strengtheners.

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At temperatures above 0. The y' phase is precipitated by precipitation hardening heat treatments: solution heat treating followed by aging.

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Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization (MMPDS). This edition, MMPDS, incorporates the additions and changes to aircraft metallic. DOT/FAA/AR-MMPDS 4. Title and Subtitle 5. Report Date METALLIC MATERIALS PROPERTIES DEVELOPMENT AND January STANDARDIZATION.

The y' precipitate is an A3B type compound where A is composed of the relatively electronegative elements nickel, cobalt and iron, and B of the electropositive elements aluminum, titanium or niobium. Typically, in the nickel based alloys, y' is of the form Ni3 Al,Ti , but if cobalt is added, it can substitute for some nickel as Ni,Co 3 Al,Ti.

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The precipitate y' has only about an 0. The coherency between y' and y is maintained to high temperatures and has a very slow coarsening rate, so that the alloy overages extremely slowly even as high as 0.

If appreciable niobium is present, the body centered tetragonal ordered y'' Ni3Nb precipitate can form. This is an important strengthening precipitate in some of the iron-nickel based superalloys, and forms the basis for strengthening the important alloy Inconel The compositions of commercial superalloys are complex some contain as many as a dozen alloying elements , with the roles of various alloying elements shown in Table 6.

Chromium and aluminum additions help in providing oxidation resistance.

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Chromium forms Cr2O3 on the surface, and when aluminum is present, the even more stable Al2O3 is formed. Air Force.

Air Force in March This document contains design information on the mechanical and physical properties of metallic materials and joints commonly used in aircraft and aerospace vehicle structures. All information contained in this Handbook has been reviewed and approved using a standardized process.