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Marketing performance : measurement and accountability
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Marketing Metrics. Marketing messbar machen : die 50 wichtigsten Methoden aus dem Marketing, die jeder Manager kennen sollte. All rights reserved. Remember me on this computer.

And it is to make it really clear, in simple language, what each of these measures mean, how to collect each of these measures, and how to apply the knowledge that you gain by having these measures. There are occasions when we go through some of the math, short of calculus, but we go through some of the math that sort of talks about how some of these things are derived. But it really is intended for the operating manager. And you asked the question earlier about, so what would be the five key measures?

But let me name what some of those measures might be. Another one that I think is real important is share of requirements, often referred to as share of wallet.

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Distinguish unit and money growth rates. Your list has reached the maximum number of items. From another perspective, the break-even volume equation can be viewed as a special case of the general target volume calculation — one in which the profit target is zero, and a company seeks only to cover its fixed costs. It multiplies the value at the beginning — that is, in Year 0 — by one plus the growth rate to the power of the number of years over which that growth rate applies. N number Used for such measures as unit sales or number of competitors. May vary by schedule, reach and frequency of advertising. See all

And very quickly, it is, of the customers that I have, what percent of their involvement in this category do I own, do I have? And that becomes very important, because if my share requirement is really high, the best way for me to grow is to get new customers. In her new book, Columbia University professor Sharon Marcus traces the history of celebrity culture and shows how the biggest stars stay relevant by learning how to manipulate the media of their day.

A new report by experts at the University of Pennsylvania offers solution-oriented proposals for tackling climate change at the federal, state and local levels.

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Platform vendors are increasingly offering resources to enhance the digital experience DX for users, resulting in a greater ability of businesses and other organizations to enhance productivity and profitability, roll out new products and services faster across more markets as[…]. Log In or sign up to comment. Subscribe on iTunes! The following is the transcript of the podcast: Narrator: Welcome to the Knowledge Wharton podcast.

If I had to pick a third metric that happens to be important, I would think about customer satisfaction. And so loyalty happens to be a fourth measure that I might want to be looking at. You could think about loyalty, customer satisfaction, retention, as all interrelated measures, measuring things a little bit different so one wants to know what those nuances are. I might want to know what the lifetime value of my customers is — that is, how much am I going to be generating of profit from having a particular customer, because that gives me some direction of how much I should be willing to pay in order to acquire a customer.

So those are all important measures.

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Robbie Shell: You mentioned consumer satisfaction. To a large degree, it is, I talk to my existing customers, and I ask, on some continuous scale, generally one to five, could be one to ten, how satisfied are you, from not at all satisfied to very satisfied. And people tend to be very good in responding. The trick to that is that, who are we asking?

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Are we asking our existing customers, or are we asking our previous set of customers? Dave Reibstein: Not surprisingly, some of the companies that are doing the best job of looking at metrics are a lot of the dot coms. And they can take any one individual and know, in a whole set, of what their particular activities are and could look across various types of an account and relate those to each other.

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And therefore, it may be more difficult to have some very good measures there. I know that you teach a lot of executives about marketing metrics. Few marketers recognize the extraordinary range of metrics now available for evaluating their strategies and tactics. In Marketing Metrics , four leading researchers and consultants systematically introduce today's most powerful marketing metrics. The authors show how to use a "dashboard" of metrics to view market dynamics from various perspectives, maximize accuracy, and "triangulate" to optimal solutions.

Marketing Metrics: 50+ Metrics Every Executive Should Master (HB)

Their comprehensive coverage includes measurements of promotional strategy, advertising, and distribution; customer perceptions; market share; competitors' power; margins and profits; products and portfolios; customer profitability; sales forces and channels; pricing strategies; and more. You'll learn how and when to apply each metric, and understand tradeoffs and nuances that are critical to using them successfully. The authors also demonstrate how to use marketing metrics as leading indicators, identifying crucial new opportunities and challenges.

For clarity and simplicity all calculations can be performed by hand, or with basic spreadsheet techniques.

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In coming years, few marketers will rise to senior executive levels without deep fluency in marketing metrics. This book is the fastest, easiest way to gain that fluency.