Local Justice in America

History of criminal justice
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Mission The U. ATJ is guided by three principles: Promoting Accessibility — eliminating barriers that prevent people from understanding and exercising their rights.

Ensuring Fairness — delivering fair and just outcomes for all parties, including those facing financial and other disadvantages. Increasing Efficiency — delivering fair and just outcomes effectively, without waste or duplication.

The Challenge of Criminal Justice Reform - MacArthur Foundation

To translate these principles into action, ATJ pursues strategies to leverage and better allocate justice resources, and works to: Advance new statutory, policy, and practice changes that support development of quality indigent defense and civil legal aid delivery systems at the state and federal level; Promote less lawyer-intensive and court-intensive solutions to legal problems; and Expand research on innovative strategies to close the gap between the need for, and the availability of, quality legal assistance. Learn More.

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November 2, October 22, August 15, Yet in the real world there are seldom sufficient resources to meet the needs of everyone, and institutions are routinely forced to make difficult decisions regarding who will be favored and who will not. Local Justice in America is an insightful look into how selections are made in four critical areas: college admissions, kidney transplants, employee layoffs, and legalized immigration.

How Our Criminal Justice System Targets Communities

This volume's case studies survey the history and modern rationale behind seemingly enigmatic allocation systems, chronicling the political and ethical debates, occasional scandals, and judicial battles that have shaped them. Though these selection processes differ significantly, each reflects a bitter struggle between opposing—and equally intense—principles of local justice.

For example, are admissions officers who use special points to foster student diversity less fair than those who rely exclusively on scholastic achievement? How did the system of personal discretion among doctors selecting transplant patients come to be viewed by the public as more inequitable than compassionate?