Last Talks At Saanen

last talks at Saanen
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Parchure talked with her, Scott, and me about Indian publishing. Theo and Erna came, and we all lunched. Krishnaji talked at the table till after 4 p.

There was only a short rest and we went for a walk at by the airfield. Scott came too. Nicos Pilavious and his wife came to lunch. Krishnaji quite likes them.

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They are entertaining. Krishnaji saw Count Keyserling, the son of the more famous one, but quite ancient himself. The fourteenth. We walked by the river and airfield. Krishnaji had supper in bed, but at p.

July fifteenth. There was a discussion of the copyright matters raised by India. Parchure and Sathaye are the only Indian trustees present. There was objection to this. Except for the last book, when apparently Sunanda had help from someone at the Oxford Press who is no longer available, her editing and syntax is not good enough. Krishnaji wonders if only England should edit, a bombshell for India if he puts it to them. After thinking it over, I am not in favor. Some others were also doubtful. Even if they were to be done, I do not think that Weeraperuma is the one to make such choices.

The next subject raised by Krishnaji was to move the Saanen talks to Brockwood, i. He suggested we have one more year at Saanen, and then move the talks to Brockwood. The discussion went on until p. Grohe and son were at lunch.

Last Talks at Saanen, 1985

After naps, we met Scott and walked along the river and the airfield. Krishnaji felt very weak on return. July sixteenth. Parchure, and me. She stayed to lunch, and the Lilliefelts were also there. Later, Krishnaji and I walked with Scott along the river and the airfield. S: …she felt that it was only right that KFA should get half the proceeds of the Saanen land. He expressed that he was very unhappy with what was happening in America in those days, according to my notes. I actually came to the defense of the school about this and said, Krishnaji, schools lose money.

S: Right, but he was unhappy with things there. He was…. M: You know, this summer was the beginning of manifestations of illness in Krishnaji. He was dissatisfied with almost everything. S: Oh, yes. S: And he was tired of talking with the parents and tired of talking with the staff. One of the things that Brockwood had going for it was all the video equipment, and we had cooked up all kinds of project S: a videotape series of his talking with students, and others with different well-known person, etcetera.

So, in a way, he felt his time was being used…. But anyway, just to say that this all came up because of the Saanen land. S: …to come in the summer. Krishnaji had a notion that a couple people might come—.

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M: The seventeenth of July. Krishnaji gave his fourth Saanen talk. It began in a remote voice, which deepened and strengthened as he went to greater depth. It was a special talk. It was the pure essential Krishnaji teaching to the world, coming through that fragile, gentle, utterly commanding figure as it has all these many, so many, years. There was a stillness of the audience at the end.

And he made a gesture that he would get up and go only when they did. Not then and there, which would have been simple, but at the chalet—their annual demand. Krishnaji was far up the road when I finally caught up to him with the car. After we had passed through Saanen, driving slowly, his head fell on my shoulder in a faint, which has not happened in some years. I kept driving slowly, and he came to within a minute. David and Saral Bohm, who are here for five days, came to lunch. David is going to conferences that seem to be mixtures of science and—what to call it, philosophy?

Magic in the Mountains

He goes to one with the Dalai Lama next week. There is a rumor, and Krishnaji raised it at lunch, that there is a rift between Krishnaji and David. Erna had heard it from Clayton Carlson. I sat and talked a while with them after Krishnaji went for his nap. Later, we met Scott at the river near the airfield and went for the walk. Krishnaji asked that we walk slowly. Slowness is now something he keeps asking for when I drive.

Krishnamurti - Saanen (1976) - What is Meditation? - Talk 7

Parchure gave him some back massage before he went to bed, saying his body is sore to any pressure. S: Also on this, in my notes, I have it how often, for years now, Krishnaji would be weak or ill before his talks, but when the talks started, he would somehow get this enormous energy and be tremendously strong. He might collapse afterward, but he would have this tremendous vitality and energy when he talked. And I said, and in my notes, that it is noticeable on the videotapes—you can even hear it in the audiotapes. I really look on the Washington talks as the last blaze of his strength, not the talking, but everything about him.

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S: …she felt that it was only right that KFA should get half the proceeds of the Saanen land. M: Yes, it was dark. It is very definitely intended that in these schools the teachings, which are in no way sectarian—this I would like to emphasise—are to be lived both by the teacher and the student. This was relatively easy before I came into the story—my role up to that point had been simply one of asking Mary clarifying questions. Not merely quoting K but getting the spirit of it, the truth of it, the vitality of it, the energy of it.

July eighteenth. Lichti had not put him to sleep. There was a cumulative effect of the two pills, and he was unsteady and weaving. Parchure had Krishnaji take tea for breakfast, which was enough stimulus to clear the pill effect. At 10 a. Krishnaji had lunch in bed after massage.