Classic Knits at Home: 15 Timeless Designs to Knit and Keep Forever

ISBN 13: 9780307394699
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Colourful Chevrons includes 2 size baskets - one with handles and one without; Hanging Around is a clever basket that can be hung on a peg, Textured Perfections is a beautiful textured basket, Stylish Storage is a set of 3 nesting baskets, Owl on Guard is a fun basket that looks like an owl, Woven Wonders is a set of 2 size woven baskets, Lacy Elegance includes 3 size baskets and Go Team is a basket that can be made in your favourite team colours! Jodi Picoult remembers her grandmother and how through knitting she felt that everlasting love.

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Lily King remembers the year her family lived in Italy and a knitted hat that helped her daughter adjust to her new home. Laura Lippman explores how converting to Judaism changed not only Christmas but also her mother's gift of a knitted stocking.

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And Bill Roorbach remembers his first year at college when knitting soothed his broken heart and helped him fall in love again. Featuring 20 unique crochet mandala designs in wonderful colours, these little crochet projects are perfectly transportable and great for using up scraps of yarn. They are also perfect for those fairly new to crochet, as the patterns are very easy and competent beginners will get lots of practice with many different crochet stitches.

These fantastic little circles of colour make great coasters, mats for cups, glasses and vases, and are also very decorative.

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Perfect as gifts for family and friends, they are quick and easy to make. There are small, medium and slightly larger designs for every eventuality. Lynne Rowe has a large blog following and is a very popular crochet designer.

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With detailed descriptions of materials and tools, the easy step-by-step instructions for all the basic crocheting techniques will have you creating projects like boas, coasters, and even slippers and bags in no time. Eight simple projects will introduce crocheting skills like basic stitches, chaining, increasing and decreasing, and color techniques; skills you will use often as you continue to learn. With "First Time Crochet," soon you will be stitching amazing gifts and projects with confidence.

Illustrates and describes basic crocheting techniques and provides instructions for five simple projects. The Cuffed Shawl and More! The Ruffled Shawl has side buttons that can be fastened to create sleeves. The Hybrid Scarf can be worn as a scarf or a short shawl.

Classic Knits at Home: 15 Timeless Designs to Knit and Keep Forever

The one-size Cuffed Shawl can be made with or without a hood. Free online technique videos are a bonus.

These projects are great for anyone to create, but are especially suitable for beginners. That's because you only need to learn the basic stitches You'll love the ease of extending your wardrobe with a scarf, neckwarmer, shrug, pocket market bag, and vest.

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Why not pamper Baby with a matching cardigan and hat? Brighten your kitchen with our colorful dishcloths. Add a warm touch to every room with cozy afghans and a pillow. Make washable pet mats for your four-legged friends. In celebration of these treasured members of the Bliss household, Woolly Woofers is a collection of 20 knitwear designs for dogs of all shapes and sizes - an irresistible mixture of the cosy, the cute and the comic canine knitted outfits.

Nowadays, no self-respecting dog is seen in the park without the latest cashmere cable knit. Special occasions such as Christmas afford ample dress-up opportunities for your pup to wriggle into a Santa's Little Helper costume. With the forthcoming World Cup, why not dress your pooch in a Football Strip in your team colours.

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And for the ultimate in canine couture, there is even a knitted tweed cape inspired by Sherlock Bones. There have been other knitting for dog books before, but never from a knitwear designer of Debbie's 'pedigree' and with dog owners never pottier about their pets, Woolly Woofers will have dog lovers everywhere howling with delight.

This book includes instructions for knitting a voodoo doll, gravestones, ghosts, cymbal-clashing monkeys, freakshow finger puppets, creepy clowns, zombies and many more fiendish characters. The patterns included in the book assume a basic level of knitting skill including casting on and off, knit stitch, purl stitch, increases, decreases and knitting in the round.

Each project has full and detailed instructions, but there are tips a-plenty on customising your evil knitted items to truly make each project your own, offering something for beginners and advanced knitters alike. This title includes an easy-to-match colour palette for yarn. The eight designs and various accessories use medium worsted-weight yarn that can be customized to match existing clothes and accent pieces.

Beginning and advanced crafters alike will have no trouble with these breezy projects, which include a floppy hat, a flapper hat, a banded beanie, a baggy beanie, a spring beanie, a baseball hat, a bow hat, and the Sans Limites hat. I love the combination of polka dot dress and a simple sweater.

The decor reminds me of a drafty English home. It could probably use some fresh flowers, or maybe even a sleeping cat.

The three pictures in the photo gallery are some of my favorite from the book. I also like the cute little navy vest. I think I have one like it in wool, but unfortunately it was thrown in the washing machine and shrunk! I love the classic knit messenger bag. Just the right size for all your magazines and books. And finally, the soft caramel color sweater is sweet, but with an air of elegance.

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